Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Eco-Friendly And Profitable Outdoor Clothing? Ocean Plastic Marine Yarn Makes Both Possible

Pearl Welch

Mankind has had a significant impact on the natural environment. Today's consumers are often concerned with reducing the negative impact left behind as a result of the manufacturing of consumer goods.

Plastic debris that litters the oceans and puts marine life at risk is a growing concern. Your clothing company can help reduce ocean plastic without sacrificing profitability by investing in materials made with yarn made of recovered ocean plastic.

Customize Thread Length

One of the benefits that ocean plastic marine yarn can offer to clothing manufacturers is the ability to customize thread length to meet specific project needs. Splicing threads together can create a weak point where the material is likely to begin fraying or coming apart over time.

A spool of marine yarn features a continuous structure that can be extremely long. This eliminates the need to meld or bond the threads together, allowing you to create more durable clothing items.

Improve Material Strength

Ocean plastic marine yarn is great for use in clothing items where strength is a priority. Outdoor clothing can especially benefit from the incorporation of marine yarn into the construction of the raw material.

This yarn is more durable than the fibrous threads traditionally used to construct outdoor clothing. Your outdoor clothing items will be able to resist tearing, staining, and stretching when you incorporate marine yarn into the construction of each clothing piece.

Help Clean the Oceans

Any plastic that doesn't end up in landfills or get recycled often finds its way into the ocean. Plastic items can entangle marine life and contaminate the natural environment. Experts estimate that some 8 million tons of plastic waste winds up in the ocean each year.

Your company can help reduce the volume of plastic in the ocean by incorporating marine yarn into your clothing production. All marine yarn is made exclusively from plastic materials (like bottles, packaging, and plastic bags) pulled out of ocean waters and processed into threads that can be woven with other fibers to create usable material.

Although you may end up paying more for fabric that is constructed with marine yarn, you can also charge a bit more for the clothing items made from this fabric. The use of recycled plastic fibers can help attract new customers to your clothing brand and increase your sales volume over time.

You don't have to choose between profit and the environment when you invest in ocean plastic marine yarn.

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