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Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Tips for Selecting a Photo for Your Headstone

Pearl Welch

Custom headstones offer a high level of personalization when it comes to the style of the monument. For some people, this personalization comes in the form of adding a picture to the monument. If you have decided that you want to honor your loved one with a photograph on their headstone, you must provide the design company with the right photo. Learn about some of the considerations you should keep in mind when selecting a photograph.

1. Pick an Image with Good Clarity

Images are installed on monuments by way of a process known as laser etching. Laser etching is an image-transfer process that works by carving a direct image of the picture onto the stone. Consequently, any imperfections in the photo will also be displayed on the headstone. 

As a result, when you select an image for your loved one's headstone, always choose a high-quality image. For this reason, it's typically better to choose a more recent image of the person than an older one. Newer cameras capture images at a higher pixel count, which makes the images crisper than cameras did in the past.   

2. Opt for an Original Photograph

It's also a good idea to select an original photograph, reproduced images should be avoided if possible. Again, the laser etching process will pick up on any blemishes in the photo. Typically, when an image is reproduced, there is a level of distortion that takes place. 

For instance, the colors might not transfer evenly, and if the image was cropped before it was reproduced, the image might be stretched and altered. The result is an unflattering photo. Ideally, you should comb through a camera or smartphone to find a photo that you can print or look through your loved one's belongings to find an original photograph.

3. Avoid Too Many Filters and Enhancements

Today, there are all sorts of applications that allow users to apply filters or enhancements to their photos. While the decision on how to honor a loved one should always be left in the hands of their friends and family, it's often discouraged to apply modifications to the photo. Too many enhancements can alter the look of your loved one, and as a result, the image captured on the headstone might not adequately portray the way the individual look. A more natural photo is more authentic and typically more appropriate. 

If you have additional questions about choosing a photograph for your loved one's headstone, a design professional can provide you with additional photograph selection tips.


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