Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Vehicles Made Into Moving Advertisements: How This Works And Works Well

Pearl Welch

Ads on the highways used to be billboards only. Now, every possible space that can be an advertising platform, is. There are multiple ways to turn vehicles into advertising for your business, and each way brings its own methodology to the table. Here are the ways in which vehicles become moving advertisements for your business, and how well they can work for you. 

Digital Mobile Truck Billboards

These high-tech billboards are akin to watching giant TV sets rolling down the road. Images are projected on the sides of trucks and play out just like ads on TV. Each ad gives you about a minute or less to display on the side of the truck. Other drivers on the road can see one ad on one side and another ad on the opposite side. Ads can be shown in a loop, and multiple ads can air in the span of a few minutes. Advertising on digital mobile truck billboards reaches thousands of people a day as these trucks drive along from their points of origin to their destinations and back again, giving your business more exposure than you ever could on your own. 

Car Wraps

Car wraps are giant decals covering the majority of a vehicle. While not as impressive as the fully animated digital mobile truck billboards, the car wraps can still provide plenty of information about your business and how to contact you. There are even ways to pay the owners of these cars to willingly wrap their vehicles and drive around as they normally do. Giving the drivers a commission for every customer that sees the wrapped car and calls you helps you generate leads and more paying customers. 

Bus Ads

Have you ever noticed city buses with all of the advertising plastered on them? The city sells ad space on the buses, and businesses buy these spaces because they know that hundreds of people ride the bus every day. People waiting to get on a bus are likely to spot and read the ads while they are waiting to get on board, which sets the ad in their minds for later. When and if you want a lot of local exposure through advertising, consider placing ads on buses. The money the city generates by doing this goes back into buses and city transportation needs, which means that this "partnership" is a win-win for both you and for the buses. 


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