Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Why Use An Aerial Imagery Service While Trying To Sell Your Commercial Property

Pearl Welch

Are you looking to put your commercial building or lot on the market? Selling a commercial property can be more complicated compared to selling a residential home. You will also likely be seeking buyers with big pockets, especially if your commercial property is worth seven figures or more. For these reasons, it's important that you create a great first impression when creating your listing, and that's where aerial imagery acquisition can come into play. Here's why you might want to get aerial photos of your commercial property before you put it on the market.

It's More Than Just the Building

Does your commercial property have existing buildings but also plenty of room to expand? Simply taking a photo of your main building and mentioning the land in the description doesn't really drive home that point. Take to the skies with an aerial imagery company, and you can let your potential buyers see exactly what they will be getting for their money. A picture really is worth a thousand words in this scenario, as potential buyers will be able to envision exactly what they'd like to do with the property as a whole.

Show Potential Buyers What Is Nearby

Some commercial buyers might also have privacy concerns. They'll want to know how close the general public is to accessing the site or how nearby other commercial buildings or companies might be. An aerial photo can call out this information. One scenario would be if you own a particularly private piece of land and want to really drive home this point in your listing. You can take the photo from above and note or label where your property line ends, and then anyone looking at it will be able to see just how far away you are from the rest of civilization. Companies seeking seclusion to help keep their company secrets under wraps will appreciate the detail that these images can provide.

Show Access to Natural Resources

If your business is located next to a natural water supply or you are involved in an industry like mining or fracking, a potential buyer of your site will want to see where and how all of these natural resources are laid out. For this type of business, the land itself is actually far more important than the building that you've built upon it. An aerial photo will make clear exactly what the buyer is getting from the surrounding land.

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