Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Pros And Cons Of Learning Chess Online

Pearl Welch

Years ago, if you wanted to learn how to play chess well, you would arrange for a tutor or chess teacher to meet with you from time to time and teach you how to play. These days, while some people still prefer to learn in this manner, there is also another option: online chess lessons. If you are considering this approach, then you should understand that there are both pros and cons associated with online chess lessons.

Pro: You don't have to spend time driving or traveling to chess lessons.

If you consider that chess lessons last a half hour or an hour, if you were to choose in-person lessons, you could spend as much time traveling to and from your lessons as you do in the actual lesson. With online lessons, on the other hand, there's no travel time. You sit down, have your lesson, and then move on with your day. You can spend this extra time practicing chess on your own, reading about chess, or engaging in other hobbies.

Con: You don't get to play on a physical board.

While you can use an online board during online chess lessons, this does not have quite the same feel as playing chess on a regular, real-life board. Sure, you can practice with a real board on your own and when playing with other opponents, but some people do miss this aspect when taking online chess lessons as opposed to in-person lessons.

Pro: You can select from a wide array of teachers and tutors.

How many people give physical chess lessons in your local area? There might be two or three, at most. When you take lessons online, on the other hand, you can choose from tutors across the country. If you have some previous chess experience and need lessons from someone with higher-level skills, it's easier to find such a person online. Also, you can take your time to find a tutor whose personality and availability meshes with your own.

Con: You may have trouble focusing.

If you are someone who has trouble focusing when behind a computer — perhaps because the temptation to check social media or other websites is too great — online chess lessons may not be right for you. You may find it easier to stay focused with an in-person tutor who requires you to set your phone aside for the duration of your lesson.


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