Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

5 Tasks Ideally Suited For Industrial Automation

Pearl Welch

Industrial automation programming is a solution used in a wide range of sectors. Before you jump into the deep end, it's good to study which jobs are best handled by automated processes. Here are 5 cases where you may want to consult with an industrial automation services provider.

Repetitive Labor

If the average person is familiar with any sort of task on this list, it's likely to be repetitive work. The logic behind these jobs is obvious: a machine set up by a system integrator can repeat the same task hundreds or even thousands of times more often than a person. Usually cases in this sector include manufacturing numerous products, creating and applying packaging materials, and sending items for shipment.

Quality Control

Especially with the emergence of low-cost machine learning systems, quality control is becoming a popular problem to automate. Systems can be set up with sensors, cameras, and calipers to allow them to take measures at levels of precision no human can duplicate. Computerized systems that have been put through machine learning algorithms can be integrated to identify potentially problematic items as they go through processing, too.


Extracting massive numbers of samples is a task that's just as challenging. This is especially the case when you're trying to perform the job at scale. Precise extraction methods have to be applied, and automation is often ideal even in systems that operate at a snail's pace compared to the previous two cases on this list.

For example, a company may need a control system integrator to automate the steps of extracting blood samples and then separating them into their constituent parts. Doing hundreds of these tasks at a time using a well-designed machine can free researchers and lab technicians up to handle more engaging tasks.


Automation generally reduces the amount of human error that can occur during a process. This can lead to immense cost savings as defects don't go through the line and workers aren't hurt.

Similarly, automated systems can often operate in conditions too hazardous for humans. A machine can be configured to operate in a space where chemicals, smoke, or fire might be present. They also can be designed for low-oxygen environments.


In many data-gathering tasks, there's no substitute for doing more runs. Automating portions of a test can reduce the downtime between runs, allowing you to gather more data in less time. Also, automation can improve the repeatability of tests.

Reach out to a professional who provides industrial automation programming to learn more. 


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