Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

3 Types Of High Pressure Pumps You Need Know

Pearl Welch

High pressure pumps are often used in many applications necessary for pumping high volumes of water or liquids with low energy use. High pressure pumps have many advantages, such as preventing contamination of water sources. When it comes to pumping water or liquids, it is essential to find the right type of pump for the application. In addition, the type of pump you need will depend on the specific requirements of your industry and the amount of water pressure that is needed. Before you set off to buy high pressure pumps, it's important to know the different types available on the market.

Here are the three types of high pressure pumps you can buy.

Piston Pumps 

These are the most common on the market. Piston pumps have an intake valve at the bottom that sucks water up into a chamber and subsequently pushes the water up and out of an exit valve at the top. They are much more powerful than most other types, and you can use them for a wide variety of projects, such as pumping from shallow pools or wells that do not have enough pressure. You can also use them in high volume situations since they constantly pump water at a higher pressure. They are powered by electricity and do not require an operator to run them.

Plunger Pump

A plunger pump is typically used for pumping water or liquids in low-pressure applications. They are reasonably priced and a good choice if you're on a budget or if your business operation is low scale. The plunger pump works by creating a vacuum and pressure in a water chamber or tank to push water out through a discharge nozzle at very high pressure. Typically, this can be done using gravity, an electric motor, or compressed air to create suction in the tank when needed.

Booster Pump

As the name suggests, a booster pump helps create pressure of water in a tank and thereby force it out via an outlet. It's the most common pump in a wide variety of applications, such as irrigation. The pressure pushes against the water inside of your well, and when you open up your valve at ground level, the water flows freely via a hose.

High pressure pumps are suitable for various projects such as irrigation, sewerage systems, wells, and more. There are many high pressure pumps on the market, and you can pick one that suits your needs. For more information about high pressure pumps, contact a supplier. 


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