Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Three Useful Alterations for Shorts

Pearl Welch

An alterations specialist commonly makes changes to suits and dresses, but it's important to know that this professional can also improve the wearability of articles of clothing that you use every day. If you own a pair of shorts that have one or more issues, consider visiting your local tailor to discuss the garment. While you may want the shorts taken out at the waist if you've gained a little weight, there are some other alterations that you may wish to inquire about. Here are three useful changes for a pair of shorts.

1. Tapering the Legs

Some shorts have legs that are extremely wide, and some even flare out to some degree. While these designs help to make this garment feel roomy, you may also feel as though the legs are simply too baggy and not very stylish. One useful alteration to consider is a tapering of the legs, which your local tailor can do with ease. They'll want you to wear the shorts in their presence so that they can take note of the size of your legs and taper the shorts so that they're not too tight.

2. Shortening the Legs

Another alteration that may interest you is having your tailor shorten the legs of your shorts. Styles change over time, and if you feel that your shorts are too long to be fashionable today, you don't necessarily need to get rid of them. If you still enjoy the fit and overall look of this garment but feel that it would be more fashionable with a shorter style, your tailor can shorten the legs to a length that suits you. This type of alteration is fairly simple, so it will not cost you much money. You'll also get to choose what type of hem you want along the bottom cuffs of the legs.

3. Changing the Buttons

Many dress shorts have buttons that hold the pockets shut, while cargo-style shorts often have buttons on the side pockets. If you've lost a button at some point, a tailor can help. Because it can be challenging to find a replacement button that will match the other buttons on the pair of shorts, a better option may be to change all of the buttons to a style that suits the garment.

Contact a local alterations specialist to learn more about these and other changes you can make to your shorts.


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