Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

Improvements for Factories and Manufacturing Businesses

How White Glove Moving Services Exceed Basic Moving Services

Pearl Welch

The use of a liftgate can significantly reduce the amount of damage and handling that freight endures. A liftgate is an attachment that is secured to the back of a vehicle. It utilizes hydraulics or electricity to lower and lift freight. A white glove moving team may utilize a liftgate when packing or unloading a moving vehicle.

A Basic Moving Service

A moving company that offers a standard service will dispatch a couple of movers to the residence or commercial business where items need to be picked up. It will be the customer's responsibility to pack and label all of their belongings. A moving service may require a baseline time amount that a moving crew must be hired for.

If a move will require more time, a customer's bill will reflect the increase in time. A moving crew may or may not use a liftgate. It is fairly common for a moving truck or van to contain a ramp that is used to transport items in and out of a vehicle. If a liftgate is not utilized, there is a chance that a moving crew member may drop a carton that is being loaded into or out of a moving truck.

A White Glove Service

A white glove moving company uses a custom approach when moving a customer's possessions. The customer gets to choose the service level that they will receive. A white glove moving crew can be hired to dismantle equipment that will be moved, pack loose items inside of boxes, and load and unload a vehicle. A white glove moving service will usually include the use of a liftgate.

The crew members who comprise a moving team will carefully transport items outdoors. Then, one crew member may remain standing near the back of a moving vehicle. Another crew member may enter the back of the vehicle. As items are placed on a lift gate, the gate will be activated. The moving crew member who is inside the vehicle will retrieve the items and place them within the cargo area.

A moving vehicle that a white glove company utilizes may contain padding within the cargo area. Padding that is secured to a cargo area's walls and floor will protect a customer's items from damage. A white glove moving company may offer a setup service. This type of service involves moving a customer's possessions indoors, unpacking cartons, and setting up the items in each room of a home or business.


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